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-Susan Bender, CEO, NRI Relocation

Jill is an engaging speaker and presenter. Her message is clear and her expertise is evident. Relocation benefits are just one component in attracting and retaining top talent, but if it’s not structured properly and delivered with care, nobody’s moving. As an independent consultant Jill can objectively assist corporate leadership in understanding the bigger relocation picture (i.e. it’s not the service fee; it’s the service that drives their ROI!). Jill’s passion to help others is evident. -CEO, NRI Relocation

-Heather Fitch, Relocation Retention Specialist, CEO, MyCityHosts

Jill’s session was helpful, entertaining and the knowledge that Jill was able to transfer to the class was spot on with what could be useful to the audience. Jill is a master presenter and a genius in her field. I’m never around Jill where I don’t learn more about relocation. She’s an asset to the industry. -CEO, MyCityHosts

-Peter Popovich, Executive Coach

As a communication coach, it is always a pleasure to experience someone deliver a presentation with confidence, competence and connectivity. Jill has an executive presence when she communicates. She is prepared, knows her material and yet is focused on her audience. Nice job, sharing the relocation challenges that corporations and employees are dealing with in these complicated and confusing times. – Executive Coach

-Catherine Whitener, CRP, SGMS, VP, Business Development at The Hilldrup Companies

Jill is a true professional. Great speaker and brilliant moderator. She is very knowledgable on many topics of interest in today’s changing marketplace.

-Steve Bova, CRP, Strategic Relationship Manager at PNC Mortgage Relocation Solutions

Jill’s command of the relocation industry and the interaction with the social media provided an outstanding presentation at the recent CMARC meeting in Charlotte. Her ability to help the audience in identifying the diverse groups of users and the need to execute and implement an effective social media plan to grow their business and engage their customers should be a critical part of any marketing plan. I strongly recommend Jill as a resource for building a social media strategy.

- Miriam Salpeter, Social Media Consultant/New-Economy Job Search Coach/Speaker/Author

Jill offers a terrific, interactive and content-rich presentation, and demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of the topic. She easily fields random audience questions and provides resources to help participants address their relocation challenges. Jill’s smooth and conversational delivery, combined with research-based and anecdotal details, engages and informs the audience.

- Marianne Shields, Director Business Development at Crown World Mobility

Jill provides relevant and informative information on relocation as it relates to talent acquisition in corporations. Jill is an excellent speaker and subject matter expert, and I would enjoy hearing her present again!